About Us

Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Dani. My Butterflies Boutique started as an appreciation for all things clean, memorable, safe, and beautifully scented.


It all began nearly a decade ago with my humble beginnings as a candle maker; I wanted to fill my home with beautiful scents but faced two problems. First, many store purchased candles lacked the robust and long lasting scent I was looking for in a good scented candle, secondly and far more important, as a mother I wanted the healthiest and most eco-friendly product burning in my home having two small children at the time…so my quest began!


I began to expand into soap making after seeing my success in candle making, wanting to incorporate the same natural ingredients and full scents that I incorporated in my candles. My goal in soap making was not to just produce an ordinary product, as this would be used by those whom are dear to my heart… My Family; I began to tackle my first task as a soap maker and provide my family with a soft yet moisturizing soap to help with dry and irritated skin during many harsh winters.


What started as a hobby in between soap and candle making to capture my life’s important events (Weddings, Graduations, Baby showers, Grandchildren) I began to grow a huge passion for mini album making. It began as a hobby at home then evolved into gifts for close friends and family, which then catapulted to something much more after overwhelming support from the Mini album community on YouTube.   


I hope that you can join me on my journey as I try to bring the things that matter the most in my home into yours; a safe, clean, memorable, scent-sational home.


Many years have passed since my humble beginnings and I look to continue to provide those life essentials I also want for my family and now grandchildren to you and your family.


With love and appreciation,